Cosplay: Mad Hatter 1

Mad Hatter 1 Cosplay

Golden Ticket Update: This Golden Ticket Cosplay has been selected to be included in the FotoNostrum Cosplay 50 Exhibition in Barcelona from May 23 – July 31, 2024!

🎩 Tipped hats and Teacups!

📕Storytime: Caught in a surreal slow-motion moment on the convention floor, I spotted him—the Mad Hatter Cosplayed to absolute perfection, makeup and all. As I approached, my nerves turned, my mouth dry, but I bravely delivered the Cosplay 50 pitch. 🗣️💬 To my relief, words flowed, and he graciously accepted our offer for a free thirty-minute photoshoot. 📸 Every photographer’s dream, he brought it all—poses, personality, and phenomenal Cosplay. Truly a masterpiece in every frame!

💖Our extraordinary Mad Hatter 🐇has brewed a storm of creativity at ATL Comic Con and is now setting the stage at FotoNostrum, Barcelona.

I love it when we have backgrounds that perfectly accentuate the Cosplays, like this one from Gravity. When I look through images, expression trumps all. It is all in the details and not just the ones the Cosplayer has worked on for hours. A hint of a shadow strategically located can say so much more than blasting light to show every detail.

Comic Convention

February 09, 2024 • February 11, 2024

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