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Beverly of Downen Creative Studios is a passionate master-level cosplay creator and educator, obsessed with creating multimedia content and tutorials to help cosplayers create next level costumes and props. She is also well known as a positive leader in the cosplay community. In 2018 she founded SheProp!, and is the host and producer for the ShePropTalk podcast and virtual panel series ShePropPresents. She has worked with Marvel to create a replica of the Wasp costume from “Ant-Man and the Wasp“ for the “Marvel Becoming” series, and has created video tutorials for Worbla and Smooth-On. She is a brand ambassador for several companies, and her written tutorials can be found in many publications. She has appeared several times on Adam Savage’s Tested, has been a guest on several podcasts, and has hosted maker workshops both in- person and virtually. While she has been a cosplay guest at several conventions across the US, her favorite part of the country is the Pacific Northwest!
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